Dart Board
Flutter Feature Framework

Leverage the power of Flutter + Feature Development to rapidly develop modular cross-platform applications.

Built for developers

Dart-Board is designed to cleanly organize your code into Features, allowing easy Gating and AB Testing of features.

Designed to be modular

Robust architecture to allow encapsulated features. Break down your monolith's with easily swappable features.

Made for freedom

Agnostic to feature implementations. Use any technique you are comfortable with. Built in support for Redux and Locator patterns.


Feature development will change your paradigm on how software can be built. Developers are free to focus on only the parts that matter to them. Scope and contain your features as you develop them.

Deploy the features you want to the platforms you choose. Easily customizable for any platform.

100% Open Source

Embedded Debugging

Pre-built Features

Interactive Playground

Theme Support



Supporting development
is our expertise .

Built for projects both large and small. It's easy to get started, but leaves you room to grow.

Flutter since < 1.0

Our experience has grown with Flutter. Dart Board is built around real world problems and solutions when building a large flutter application.

Rich development experience

Experience from developing dozens of apps that have reached million's of users has fed the design of the framework.


Keep your eye on the prize
Build and deploy your features

You don't want to fight the framework, you just want to deliver features. Dart Board is designed to maximize that ability.




100% Free

Everything is under a permissive license, do what you want with it.

If you need more of a personal touch, please reach out.


Dart Board Core: Widgets + Utilities

Service/State Locator Feature

Redux Bindings

Logging and Debug


Firebase Support


Particle Effects


Private and Public development

To get a free consultation/estimation contact us on Telegram @ DART_BOARD

Support the project



What can I build with Dart Board?

The possibilities are endless. It's well suited to 2D application's in flutter, typically business UI's and Simple games (e.g. Puzzle).


Are there updates?

The packages are regularly updated on pub.dev. For those that want to priority service for issues or features, Sponsored Contributions can bring your issues to the front.


Can you help me build an App?

Sure, just reach out. We can provide a wide range of bespoke services such as scaffolding, custom feature development and support.


Does it work with library X?

Dart Board is feature agnostic. Existing modules and libraries can frequently by integrated with ease. You can use it for both new projects and to refactor your existing applications into more consistent patterns.

Get started

Get Dart Board and start building.

Today is the best day to start. It's all free and ready to use.

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